Merchant Services



Q: Are fees debited from my accounts daily or monthly?
A: Fees are debited monthly unless otherwise requested.

Q: Once a batch is transmitted, when will the funds be available in my commercial checking account?
A: Funds will typically be available within 24 to 48 business hours.

Q: What is the purchase price of equipment? Is there a lease or rental program? If so, what is the length of the contract?
A: The price of equipment varies depending upon the make and model. Merchant Services provides a rental program and not a leasing program. With equipment rental, there is no term limitation. You may rent the terminal for as long as you choose.

Q: Can I view my merchant account activity online? If so, what is the cost for the reporting?
A: Online account activity is not available in all areas. Please contact the Merchant Services sales representative in your area for more information. 

Q: Is there a charge for customer service calls?
A: Our customer service is provided at NO additional cost to you.

We look forward to putting our unique combination of service and expertise to work for you.
Visit or contact the Merchant Service Representative in your area to discuss your needs.