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Managing a business in today’s economy can be both challenging and time-consuming. By outsourcing payroll and human resources services, a business owner can have more time to focus on running the business instead of spending valuable resources on the tedious paperwork associated with payroll, tax filing and compliance.

Inova PayrollTM is a third-party vendor who can assist businesses of all sizes in taking advantage of the following services to meet payroll and human resources needs:

  • Quarterly and annual payroll tax payments and filings for all federal, state and local agencies;
  • Personalized, high-touch customer service; and
  • Real-time access to payroll records.


  • Online, phone and fax input methods
  • Exclusive price guarantee for two years with no long-term contract required
  • No conversion fee
  • Single database technology for payroll and HR which eliminates the need to synchronize date
  • SAS 70/SSE 16 compliance which ensures the safety and integrity of your payroll records
  • FDIC Insurance for payroll tax funds drafted for tax deposits1


An Inova Payroll representative will meet with you - in person or over the phone - to discuss your needs and recommend a customized payroll solution. There are three convenient ways to request additional information:

  1. Visit us on our website; or
  2. Call Inova Payroll at (877) 653-1288; or
  3. Contact your Treasury Management Sales Team to have Inova Payroll contact you directly.


Through Inova Payroll, the following services are available:

This service will calculate and process payroll checks, including tax calculations based on withholding status, tax payments, earnings, deductions and payroll reimbursements. Checks can be printed on location by your company or printed at one of Inova Payroll’s offices and delivered to you.

Tax Filing and Administration
Payroll tax deposits can be submitted for your business, and all quarterly and annual returns filed including W-2s and 1099s, if desired. This includes all federal, state and local taxes (where applicable).

Direct Deposit
Originate ACH transfers, making direct deposit available to employees, as well as designated third party vendors that utilize payroll deductions, including retirement plans or health insurers.

General Ledger Interface
Payroll information can be directly imported to many accounting packages, eliminating the need for manual data entry. By sharing your GL account numbers with Inova Payroll, it allows you to set up a software interface to communicate and transfer information automatically to your general ledger.

Paid Time Off Tracking
This service can track vacation and sick time for your employees, whether it is accrued on a per pay period basis or earned by anniversary date, calendar year or any other method in which it is delivered. The time used or available can also appear on the employee’s check stubs to avoid unnecessary calls to your Office Manager or HR Manager.

Worker’s Compensation “Pay-As-You-Go”
Clients of Inova Payroll have access to Worker’s Compensation insurance on a pay-as-you-go basis. This is helpful for small businesses where cash flow is critical. There is no need to pay a large amount of the premium up front. Since Inova Payroll knows what makes up your payroll expense, the worker’s compensation premium is matched to your payroll, and you only pay for what the business incurs. The other great benefit is the “Zero” audit at the end – because you have paid your premium appropriately throughout the year, there is no adjustment necessary at the end of the year.

Self-Service Website for Employees
If a client chooses, Inova Payroll can provide each employee with a user name and password to access check stubs and W-2s online, empowering the company to go paperless and eliminating the need to contact the Office Manager or HR Manager for that information. Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Inova Payroll website.

HR On-Demand
With HR On-Demand, your company can gain access to human resources professionals, tools and best practices and virtually outsource your human resources department. Experienced and certified professionals are available to work with you to address your business-specific questions and needs. The easy-to-navigate, online HR Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Time and Attendance
With robust features and easy navigation, Inova Payroll’s time and attendance solution is the perfect complement to payroll and human resources programs for smart and cost-effective labor management. Whether you are looking for a simple easy-to-use time and attendance system for a few employees or a sophisticated time and labor management solution, InovaPay time offers a multitude of features and options to satisfy the needs of any business.



1) The standard insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor. Visit for more information.

Important Product Disclosures

All payroll services are provided by Inova Payroll, Inc. By choosing to enroll in payroll services, you will be required to agree with and accept all of Inova Payroll, Inc.’s terms and conditions for use and provision of the payroll services which will govern the payroll services. Synovus Bank and Inova Payroll, Inc. are independent, unrelated and unaffiliated companies, and Synovus Bank is not responsible for nor guarantees the services of Inova Payroll, Inc. Synovus Bank is not responsible for the content, guarantees, products, services, privacy or security practices that are offered or expressed by Inova Payroll, Inc.

Synovus Bank shall not have any liability of any kind arising out of the selection or use or non-use of the Inova Payroll, Inc.’s payroll services or any other alternative products or services. In no event shall you be entitled to recovery of any damages of any kind against Synovus Bank arising out of your selection or use or non-use of Inova Payroll, Inc.’s payroll services or any other alternative products or services. Once enrolled in payroll services, all problems, questions or concerns regarding such payroll services should be directed to Inova Payroll, Inc.