Treasury Management


Imaging Services


Imaging Services1 offer an efficient, easy-to-use, money-saving solution for check retrieval and archival needs. Images of bank statements, checks, deposit slips, items deposited and returned items for each statement period may be provided via CD-ROM or DVD.




  • Convenient – Imaging allows you to easily store and search for paid checks and deposits.
  • Cost-effective – Imaging eliminates the need to store hard copies of checks, processed deposit slips and bank statements.
  • Secure – Images are stored on one-write CD-ROM/DVD that cannot be altered.
  • Efficient – High-quality digitized images are clearer than microfilm or faxed images and can be accessed quickly.
  • Flexible – Companies with multiple locations and divisions have options for receiving individual or consolidated CD-ROMs and DVDs.




  • Your check, deposit slip, items deposited and return item images are scanned and stored.
  • At the end of your statement cycle, these images are saved to CD-ROM or DVD.
  • Bank statements are provided in text and PDF.
  • The CD-ROM or DVD is delivered within 10 business days of the statement cutoff.
  • Each CD-ROM holds up to 25,000 images – front and back. Additional storage options, such as DVDs, are available if the 25,000 images are exceeded.
  • Consolidated CD-ROM or DVD service can be provided for companies with multiple locations or divisions. The parent company will receive a consolidated CD-ROM or DVD that contains check, deposit slip and bank statement images for every account. Each location receives a CD-ROM or DVD for its accounts.
  • You may locate a specific check by account number, check number, amount paid, date or sequence number, as well as search a range of check amounts to review checks for signature compliance.
  • While viewing images, you can zoom in and out or rotate for better visibility.
  • Check images can be copied and pasted into correspondent letters.
  • You can print check images, front and back, along with the index information.
  • Files can be exported for account reconciliation purposes.


1) Minimum Computer Requirements: IBM-compatible PC with 100MHz minimum running Windows 95 or higher, Intel Pentium Processor or higher, minimum 16 MB RAM, minimum 5 MB of free hard drive, CD-ROM/DVD drive.